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Collaborative Artist Statement with Alessandro Maione 

Art is meant to engage the senses. A painter engages the eyes, a composer engages the ears.   

As a collaboration between a sound artist and a visual artist we are interested in exploring the various languages that can bridge these mediums and senses. Our mission is to empower ourselves and our audience to understand that art is all around us and a change in perspective can alter how we experience. We structure graphic scores with a balance between open interpretation and concise direction to allow anyone the ability to perform the piece.

Our collaboration is project based. We focus on different concepts and methods and change our approach depending on each project. Our past works have taken us in fun and thoughtful directions. Our first piece, Music for Mischief  began by studying the cicada and creating a score that combines references to Sir Issac Newton's color theory, Scriabin’s prometheus poem of fire, and gamelan music to talk to the cyclical relationship of a cicada's life cycle. Our Second Piece, Coffeewalk: A piece for two sets of hands developed from a shared love of coffee and is inspired by John Cage’s Waterwalk. The piece consists of three main sound sources: coffee brewing equipment, a boombox, and a prepared guitar and follows a score that is timed to the second of a stopwatch.

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