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CoffeeWalk: A piece for Two Sets of Hands

Work Description 


Coffee Walk: a piece for two sets of hands is a piece to illustrate the foreboding feelings of stasis that is part of the human condition. Through grave comic reprieve it seeks to capture the absurd continuity of existing in obligatory social roles where mechanical repetition does not equate to progress. 


Coffee Walk: a piece for two sets of hands sonically, is a sound organization performance of process and intention. What seems like the sporadic movements of two baristas amplified, is actually a score that is performed to a stopwatch, where every gesture is calculated. The piece consists of three main sound sources: coffee brewing equipment, a boombox, and a prepared guitar. The coffee brewing sound source ranges from multiple types of coffee brewing devices, to electric burners, to the pattering of spoons and beans. Using the coffee brewing process as determination for each section of the piece, each tool is used as inspiration to be played rhythmically throughout, for both music and process. Intermittently the second source is quick excerpts of “Vesti La Giubba” from Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci from a boombox. Appearing as more sound than music to the fray, it goes on to disrupt the flow of work and noise. The third is the prepared guitar, sounding a dissonant chord that fades in and out giving the only sense of something wholly musical. This grounds the listener throughout the experience as an entering, returning point, and as an ending to the piece.


Studio Rehearsals while in residence at Elsewhere Studios

Elsewhere Studios Alumni Show Performance at the Blue Sage center for the Arts 

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