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Leaving truth or consequences 

Double decker, deliver me
Crumbled slabs of dark concrete
Exposed scaffolding everything
In awful state decay.
This mimic city by the sea
Cracked sand in yucca flatness
Leftover dinner of glacial expanse
Like gods in solidarity
World turns bottomless and sprawling
Cumulonimbus cast shadowed faces
“Five dollars you can soak for an hour”
In nudity you cannot shame me
You’re vodka, I gave it to the freezer
One cannot talk to New Orleans effortlessly
One can only hold a unicorn for a minute
Everything in hindsight
 Barbed fence, we caged from chaotic expanse
Light glimmering off black metal reflections
My body feels like weathered wood
Truth or consequences 
I spent last night in truth or consequences
The world stops in disinterested mortification
But lives like a photographic gossamer
In a lonely existence

Leaving Truth Or Consequences

Oil On Canvas


18 1/2" x 14 1/2"

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