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Fallen Leaves Supersede The Summer

Outside the library, air acts a harbinger
That afternoon would transition to twilight
Yellow rays embrace stoic bitumen
Imbued with infrared memories
We produce a pair of scissors
A device used to measure
Angles of bird omens
“Taking the auspices”


As caffeine fed instruments dissolve in silence
We would sardine ourselves in automobiles 
To congregate by sleepy soccer fields
Abutting the penitentiary
Where escape sirens would carry 
Nude forms running in the dark
Cicadas Harmony
Music for mischief


I remember when I could fill my pockets with 
Hopeful Ideals of creative perspective 
Where donuts could fly from grasp and hit cars
And friendship laughter nourished the soul
Could nostalgia be useless?
Or is it validation
For a self before life?
Unaware beauty.


Fallen Leaves Supersede The Summer

Oil On Canvas


23" x 29"

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