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A Dioramic Ode To Lawndale

Oil on Canvas


27" x 23"

 A Dioramic Ode To Lawndale


Hey, Jay, you pranked us
So good. Tom and I, drunk
In the back of your car
Our Lawndale days numbered
Futures deviating cities
You got us so dam good
With incarceration
For the grass growing on 
The wrong side of the chain-link fence


That was so long ago
That I have lived at least 
Three lives since. How did I get here?


Remember my socks on the wood
Of the spiral staircase
Trading ketamine haze 
For firework smoke clouds


Remember your liquid muscles
Compressing tom’s windpipe
Expendables on the
Playground of adulthood


Remember our misfit hexes
On nightmare fuel potion
Ceremonial dance 
Stomping patterns for talking heads


That was so long ago
These days dissipated
When did I stop being a kid? 


To the fractured moments 
That comprise this sewn quilt
Of weird dream scaffolding 
That formulates belief;
The compartmentalization

Of my eye reflections 
Manifest acceptance 
For what else can you do?
But disperse the grown circumference

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